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  • How do I check that I am getting my correct salary?

    You need to look at your salary slip, find the gross fortnightly figure and multiply it by 26.09 to get your annual salary figure. Up to the latest cut for new beneficiaries (the abolition of qualification allowances) teachers’ basic salary was calculated by adding the relevant point from the common basic scale, your qualification allowance (honours or pass level) and the supervision allowance together.

    You can find the relevant salary scales and allowance schedule here.

  • What is the rate of pay for Part-time/Substitute teachers
    Effective Date  Daily Rate Hourly Rate
    Appointed on or after 1 February 2012*  €152.22 €30.45
    Appointed on or after 1 January 2011*  €153.22 €30.71
    Appointed before 1 January 2011*  €173.84 €32.89


    In the event that a qualified substitute teacher works for more than 40 days in the academic year, each additional day worked over and above 40 days will be paid at a personal daily rate. The personal daily rate is determined by the incremental point of the common basic scale and the appropriate qualification allowance.

    For more see Circular 0015/2015 on Revised Payment Mechanisms.


See Salary webpage under Info for Teachers for additional details.