Augmenting UK State Pension entitlement

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If so, under a limited extension scheme workers with a UK state pension entitlement can purchase significant additional pension benefits for a limited time only.
Workers, including teachers, who were employed in the UK for at least three consecutive years paying national insurance contributions and who have gaps in this service between 2006 and 2016, can currently buy up to sixteen additional years for their UK pension. The sixteen years, includes any gaps in contributions from 2006 to 2016 plus any missing contributions for the previous six years.
A deadline of 31 July 2023 was initially set for voluntary contributions to be made to make up for gaps in service between 2006 and 2016. After this date contributions can be made to cover the previous six years only. The deadline has now been extended to 5 April 2025. Please see the following link for further information
If you meet the minimum of 10 years of national insurance contributions, you would be eligible for a UK state pension on retirement.

If you continue to make voluntary national insurance contributions, you may be able to claim a full Irish and full UK state pension when you retire.

A full UK state pension, currently £185.15 per week, requires 35 qualifying years, with the minimum amount paid to those with 10 years qualifying service, which is 10/35 of the total pension or £52.90 weekly at this time.

  • Locate your National Insurance Number and your passport.
  • Click here to set up a Government Gateway Account (or log in to your existing account). Download the ID check app which is used to verify your identity.
  • Use this to log into  to see your national insurance record including how many years of contributions you have and any missing years.
  • To buy back years, print and complete the CF83 application form found here and post this by registered post to HMRC.

Please note that the INTO is bringing this matter to members attention, as it may be relevant to some members.  However, we do not advise on UK pensions.  Further information is available here.

Please find below relevant information which was published in InTouch earlier this year.

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