Acting Up Allowance

There is provision for the payment of an ‘acting up’ allowance where a Principal or Deputy Principal is absent from school for a minimum period of 30 calendar days, and where an Assistant Principal is absent from school for a minimum period of 84 calendar days.

It is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the BOM to apply to the DES, on behalf of the teacher, for this allowance. The application should be made to the Primary Payroll section of the DES using the POR Amend 1 Form.

The BOM should specify the duties entailed in the post and confirm that the teacher has carried out these duties.

In the event of the appointment of an existing post holder to an acting up position carrying a higher allowance (e.g. deputy principal to “acting” principal), the higher allowance replaces the teacher’s regular allowance.

Where a permanent post-holder is on paid leave of absence, (e.g. sick leave) and another member of staff is paid an acting up allowance, the permanent post holder continues to receive full salary and allowances.

Primary Payroll should be notified promptly when the permanent post holder returns to work in order to terminate the payment of the acting up allowance.

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