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School Development Grant


All new schools for this school year have been added to the School Development Planning Service.

Current rates

  • 1-8 teacher schools: €100 per annum
  • 8+ teacher schools: €250 per annum


New schools only were added in this year.

General Information

The SDPS has now been extended to all schools.

All schools involved in the School Development Initiative received a grant based on the number of mainstream teaching posts in the school.


The School Development Planning Service (SDPS) was launched in May 1999 to promote the practice of planning in primary schools.

In the school year 1999/2000 the School Development Planning Service Grant – aided 442 schools in the first phase of the programme. The majority of these 442 schools were designated disadvantaged.

In the school year 2000/2001, the SDPS was extended to include all remaining one, two and three teacher schools as well as those remaining schools with 24 or more mainstream classroom teachers.