Services for Members

All INTO members are entitled to:

  • Professional protection in or out of school arising out of, or in the course of, employment as a teacher;
  • Advice and support in disputes with management, inspectors or government departments;
  • Indemnity insurance for certain claims not covered by school insurance that might be made for acts arising out of or in the course of their employment;
  • An efficient and reliable information service on professional matters;
  • A grant to the estate of any member who dies, provided the necessary membership requirements are fulfilled;
  • A grant to a member on the death of his or her spouse or civil partner, provided certain conditions are satisfied;
  • Grants, in necessitous cases, to ex-members and to the dependents of deceased members;
  • Copies of the Organisation’s information bulletins and publications;
  • Participation in specific group insurance, finance schemes and other specially negotiated membership benefits and services.

As part of the INTO’s commitment to you we have published a Customer Service Charter (pdf) and Subject Access Request Policy & Procedure (pdf).