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Changes to Automatic Deduction

Changes to Automatic Deduction
If the amount of benefit payable to the staff member is less than the maximum, or if a person is not entitled to any maternity benefit, they should notify their payroll section immediately to ensure that the salary adjustments are correct. Changes to the automatic deduction can be made provided the teacher furnishes a copy of DSP's written notice of the actual benefit rate applicable, if any, to the relevant payroll.

Deductions, where appropriate, will be made fortnightly during the period of paid leave up to a maximum of 26 weeks for maternity leave. If the absences are recorded late any arrears due will have to be deducted from salary after the date of notification.

If the absence of the teacher on Maternity/Adoptive leave is not entered in time, any arrears due will be deducted from the salary of the teacher after the date of notification.

See DES Circular 09/2013 for maternity leave entitlements and Circular 18/2013 for adoptive leave entitlements.