INTO Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Fora

The INTO Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Fora were established in 1994 to ensure that principal teachers’ views and concerns had a clear focus within the Organisation. The Special Rules Congress in June 2004 established the Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Fora under Rule 66 of the INTO Rules and Constitution. Fora were established by Districts and currently there are 41 Fora in operation. The Fora afford principals and deputy principals the opportunity to express and exchange views within the aims and objectives of the Organisation, on matters which have a direct relevance to their role as leaders of school communities and the operation of the school in the interest of all members.

Meetings generally take place during the months of February, March and November and details of local fora meetings can be found in the Events section of the INTO website. You can find out which Forum you belong to by logging in to the Members portal of the INTO website, and checking My Details. Alternatively, your local Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Committee representative would be able to identify the principals’ forum to which you belong and when meetings take place.

Details of members of the Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Committee can be found in the INTO members’ diary and the About Us section of this website.

View the PDC Committee list for 2020-2023
We encourage all principals and deputy principals to attend their fora and participate in the discussion and debate. The fora are an important part of the structures of the INTO and provide an opportunity for principals and deputy principals at local level to have their voices and views heard in relation to INTO policy. The PDC members who attend the fora report back from the fora to their meetings, and the discussions that take place inform the views of the PDC.

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