Posts of Responsibility

Appointments to posts of responsibility are made in accordance with Chapter 3 of Circular 44/2019.

Please see Circular 29/2024 for the revised allocation of Assistant Principal posts with effect from 1 September 2024. This circular supersedes table 2.1.1 of Circular 44/2019, and Circular 43/2022.

A school’s allocation of posts of responsibility is based on the total number of teaching posts allocated to the school in the previous school year.

All full-time teaching and SET base posts in the school count towards this allocation (with the exception of Principal Release Cluster base posts).

Information Note TC 05/2024 (PDF) confirms that appointment procedures for posts arising in the next school year may commence in the current school year. Payment will commence from the date the teacher takes up the post. An information note will be published in the coming days.

Personal basis post holders, teachers who have held their post of responsibility following redeployment, or an historical amalgamation (more than 5 years ago) can block new appointments to posts of responsibility. These teachers are expected to undertake post of responsibility duties in their school.

A school can query their allocation with before proceeding with the recruitment process as outlined in Circular 44/2019.

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