Schools may be closed for one day in the school year for the purpose of an educational tour with the permission of the board of management. At least 25% of the enrolment of the school must on the tour before the school can close. The school roll need not be marked for that day. The day counts as one of the required 182 minimum days.

Teachers taking children on tours are protected by the insurance policy of the board of management provided they are acting with the authority of the board. It is advisable however, that when pupils are taken to places of public interest/adventure playgrounds etc, that the school authorities should confirm in advance that the operators/proprietors of these venues/activities are also adequately insured for any liability that they may have in the event of an accident or injury.

According to the terms of Department Circular 12/’79:

The objective of educational tours for schools should be that they be of benefit to the intellectual, cultural and social development of the pupils taking part in them, and any activity in connection with a tour which is in conflict with this objective is to be avoided.

Last Reviewed July 2023

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