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Pay Arrangements

Revised Maternity/Adoptive Leave Arrangements

Teachers can claim Maternity Benefit directly from the DSP on receipt of the MB1 Claim Form. Copies of the application form MB1 form can be downloaded here.

On receipt of the form by the DSP, the DSP will pay the teacher directly the amount of maternity/adoptive benefit due to them. Consequently, the deduction in value equivalent to the rate of Maternity / Adoptive benefit payable to the teacher has been deducted fortnightly from teachers paying Class A PRSI who are on maternity / adoptive leave. The maximum amount of benefit payable by the DSP is €230 per week from 01/01/2014 and the Department of Education and Skills has deducted the relevant amount from the salary fo teachers on Maternity / Adoptive Leave who are liable for Class A PRSI contributions.

A teacher on Maternity / Adoptive leave benefit who pays Class A PRSI contributions will receive their full salary but will receive it from two different quarters. They will receive Maternity / Adoptive benefit directly from the Department of Social & Family Affairs and they will receive their salary minus the amount of benefit from the Department of Education and Skills.

Teachers should note that if the amount of Maternity Benefits is less than the maximum (€230), or if the person is not entitled to have the benefit equivalent deducted (due to non-eligibility) then they should notify the relevant payroll section of the Department of Education and Skills to ensure that salary adjustments are correct. Changes to automatic deduction of the maximum amount will be made if accompanied by confirmation from the Department of Social and Family Affairs that the teacher is not in receipt of the full amount of the benefit.

See DES Circular 52/2009

Pay Arrangements and Maternity Benefit

You can now apply for Maternity Benefit online at You will need to set up a MyGovID account, and have a Public Services Card, which you can get from your local social welfare office or Intreo centre. You have to contact your local office to set up an appointment, which usually takes about 15 minutes to complete. To apply by post, complete section MB1 & MB2 of the Application Form Maternity Benefit and post it to the Maternity Benefit Section of the Department of Social Protection.


PRSI contributors at the modified rate (Class D)
Under DSP regulations, class D have no entitlement to maternity benefit. Therefore no deduction is applied to their salary and they remain on their ordinary rate of pay.

PRSI Contributors at the full rate (Class A)
Any maternity benefit payable by DSP will issue directly to the staff member in question. A deduction from salary equivalent to the maximum weekly rate of maternity benefit payable to the teacher will initially be applied by the Department of Education and Skills for the 26 week period.

See DES Circular 09/2013

The teacher should complete their section of the application form, and ensure that the school enters the maternity / adoptive leave absence record on the On Line Claim System (OLCS) and completes the employer's portion of the form at least 6 weeks before the claim is due. The teacher should send the form to the DSP. Failure to submit the form to DSP six weeks in advance of the teacher going on maternity / adoptive leave may result in a delay in payment of the benefit to the claimant. All the details necessary to complete the application form for maternity benefit will be displayed on the OLCS once the maternity/adoptive leave record is keyed in.

See DES Circular 52/2009.

  1. The application form for maternity benefit should no longer be sent to the Department of Education and Skills but should be sent directly to the Department of Social and Family Affairs.
  2. NB: Please note that the Employer's Section of the application form (MB2 of the form) must be filled in by the Board of Management and not the Department of Education and Skills as previously was the case. When this form has been completed in full by the teacher and the Board of Management, the teacher sends the form directly to the Department of Social Protection.

The deduction of the equivalent maternity/adoptive leave benefit will be made fortnightly during the period of paid leave up to a maximum of 26 weeks for maternity leave and 24 weeks for adoptive leave.

See DES Circular 09/2013.

* Please note that maternity benefit is now taxable.