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Maternity Leave FAQs

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  • How do I calculate my maternity leave entitlement?

    The sequencing arrangements for maternity entitlements are:

    - Maternity leave (26 weeks).

    - Any statutory additional unpaid maternity leave (maximum of 16 weeks).

    - Non-statutory additional unpaid maternity leave to end of school year (to 31st August).

    Please note that no leave in lieu can be accrued since 1st May 2013.


    More information on maternity leave available here

  • What are my pay arrangements in relation to maternity?

    PRSI contributors at the modified rate (Class D)
    Under DSP regulations, Class D have no entitlement to maternity benefit. Therefore no deduction is applied to their salary and they remain on their ordinary rate of pay.

    PRSI Contributors at the full rate (Class A)
    Any maternity benefit payable by DSP will issue directly to the staff member in question. A deduction from salary equivalent to the maximum weekly rate of maternity benefit (€230) payable to the
    teacher will initially be applied by the DES. The teacher should complete their section of the Application Form for Maternity Benefit, and ensure that the school enters the maternity/adoptive leave absence
    record on the On Line Claim System (OLCS) and completes the employer’s portion of the form at least 6 weeks before the claim is due and send it to the DSP. Failure to submit the form to DSP six weeks in advance of the teacher going on maternity/adoptive leave may result in a delay in payment of the benefit to the claimant. All the details necessary to complete the MB10 form will be displayed on the OLCS once the maternity/adoptive leave record is keyed in.

    Instructions on how to complete the Application Form for Maternity Benefit are attached in Appendix B of Circular 09/2013.

    The deduction of the equivalent maternity/adoptive leave benefit will be made fortnightly during the period of paid leave up to a maximum of 26 weeks for maternity leave and 24 weeks for adoptive leave.

    Please note that from 1st July maternity benefit is taxable.


    More information on maternity leave available here.


  • What are the revised maternity/adoptive leave arrangements from January 2009?

    A revised arrangement was introduced in January 2009 for teachers taking maternity/adoptive leave who pay Class A rate PRSI contributions. This arrangement was necessary to comply with Revenue and Department of Social Protection regulations. As the maternity/adoptive benefit is not liable for income tax, income levy, pension related deductions or PRSI deductions. This change ensures that benefit is paid to all eligible teachers without any deductions of such charges.

    From January 2009, teachers can claim the maternity benefit directly from the DSP on receipt of the Application Form for Maternity Benefit. Copies of the Application Form for Maternity Benefit can be downloaded from the INTO website.

    On receipt of the form by the DSP, the DSP will pay the teacher directly the amount of maternity/adoptive benefit due to them. The maximum amount of maternity/adoptive leave payable by the DSP is €230 per week. The Department of Education and Skills will deduct the relevant amount from the salary of teachers on maternity/adoptive leave who are liable for Class A PRSI contributions.

    Therefore, the teacher on maternity/adoptive leave benefit who pays Class A PRSI contributions will receive their full salary but will receive it from two different quarters. They will receive maternity/adoptive benefit directly from the DSP and they will receive their salary minus the amount of benefit from the DES.

    Teachers should note that if the amount of maternity benefits is less than the maximum (€230), or if the person is not entitled to have the benefit equivalent deducted (due to non-eligibility) then they should notify the relevant payroll section of the DES to ensure that salary adjustments are correct. Changes to automatic deduction of the maximum amount will be made if accompanied by confirmation from the DSP that the teacher is not in receipt of the full amount of the benefit.

    More information on maternity leave available here.

  • What are my entitlements to unpaid maternity leave?

    The statutory entitlement to unpaid maternity/adoptive leave is 16 weeks unpaid leave. Teachers applying must take it immediately following their paid maternity/adoptive leave. ie. Unpaid maternity leave must begin directly after the 26 weeks paid maternity leave. If a teacher intends to avail of this option, they should make such application at least 6 weeks prior to the commencement of such leave, to facilitate salary adjustment. A PRSI employment contribution credit is given by the Department of Social Protection for each week of additional unpaid statutory maternity leave.

    There is also a second option available to teachers which is extended unpaid leave until the end of the school year, ie 31 August. Teachers need to notify their board of management six weeks before the end of their paid leave of their intention to take unpaid maternity/adoptive leave.

    For more info on unpaid maternity leave see here.

Maternity entitlements for teacher Q&A (pdf, 137 kb)
Issue: October 2016