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Notice for teachers and schools with regard to retirements on 1 September 2019

The Department confirms that when a teacher retires on 1 September 2019, they will benefit from the Public Sector Stability Agreement (PSSA) restoration effective from that date for pension and lump sum calculation. There is no requirement to retire after 1 September once the relevant eligibility criteria for pensionable service have been met.

Schools can appoint the replacement teacher with effect from 1 September, thereby preserving the contractual school year for those teachers. In that instance, the replacement teacher maintains the normal school year contract. The replacement teacher will also take-up the post when the school re-opens, in order to comply with the operational school year as outlined in the Retirement section of Circular 11/2004.



Please note the INTO is not licenced to give financial advice. Pension figures supplied or information given are estimates/opinion only and should not be considered a substitute for professional financial advice. The DES will supply the final figures for Pension and Lump Sum.

Important Tax Relief Notice For Teachers Who Have Recently Retired/Are Planning To Retire

Tax relief can be claimed for all deductions from the tax-free Lump Sum payments which are deducted by the DES as contributions to the Teachers' Pension Scheme and/or the Spouse and Children's Scheme. At retirement, teachers will receive a certificate(s) headed "Important for Tax Purposes", showing the amount deducted and the details of the relevant scheme receiving the deduction. The relevant certificate/receipt will need to be sent to the Revenue Commissioners within a four year period to receive the tax rebate.
Please note, there are limits to the value of the total contributions, eligible for tax relief, that can be made in any one year. The calculation of the annual limits should also include the standard fortnightly contributions to the Teacher's Pension Scheme, the Spouse and Children's, AVC Fund and/or any other pension funding arrangement in place, if applicable.
The current percentage relief limits are:

Age % of Net Relevant Earnings
Under 30 years 15%
30 – 39 years 20%
40 – 49 years 25%
50 – 54 years 30%
55 – 59 years 35%
60 years and over 40%

Further details are available on the Revenue Commissioner's website. Consultation with a financial advisor is highly recommended, before retirement date if possible, in the event that the total amounts deducted in a financial year are likely to exceed the above limits.



Information on the early withdrawal option from AVC accounts is available at


'Single' Public Service Pension Scheme

In January 2013, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin signed the order commencing new pension provisions for new entrants to the entire public service. This means new teachers entering teaching for the first time, or returning after a break in service of 26 weeks or more will have pensions based on career "average earnings" and not "final salary".

The DES published Circular 0007/2013, which outlines the details of the revised scheme.

Effective from 1 Jan 2013, the key provisions of the new 'Single Scheme' include:

  • Section 6 (2) states that Chapter 2 (the new Single Scheme) "does not apply to pre-existing public service pension schemes".
  • Section 10 defines who is and who is not a Scheme member and provides that a person who was serving in a public service body before the operative date and left but subsequently takes up an appointment as a pensionable public servant either "under the same contract of employment" or "within 26 weeks after his/her last day of service before that date", "shall not be a Scheme member". (This is the provision whereby a six month gap in a contract may bring a person into the 'Single' scheme).
  • Section 13 provides that the normal retirement age for a public servant is 66 years, or the age from which a person is eligible to receive a contributory State Pension.
  • Section 16 sets out the pension contributions to be paid by various categories of public servant. The rate for most public servants is (as at present and since 1995) 3.5% of net pensionable remuneration together with 3% of pensionable remuneration.
  • Section 19 sets out the methodology by which retirement benefits are calculated for most public servants, including teachers.
  • Section 40 provides that both referable amounts and pensions in payment will be increased following an annual examination by the Minister of the consumer price index and that both will be increased to reflect any such increase in the price index.

Updated: April 2019