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Supplementary Panel

Supplementary Panel 2018/19 School Year

Apply to DES by Friday 8 December 2017

The DES has published Circular 0068/17 which sets out the arrangements for access to the supplementary redeployment panels for the 2018/19 school year for eligible registered primary teachers in fixed term / temporary positions (this includes substitute positions) and part time positions in recognised primary schools.

The Supplementary Panel is used for appointments to full-time permanent teaching posts in primary schools only where those posts are not otherwise required to facilitate the redeployment of surplus permanent/CID holding teachers through the Main Panel in the first instance.

Completed applications must be returned to: Primary Teacher Allocations Section, Department of Education & Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath, to be received on or before Friday 8 December 2017.

Members should note that application forms will not be accepted by the DES after this date, and proof of postage should be retained.

Circular 0068/2017 (pdf, 616 kb)
Panel access for fixed-term/temporary (this includes substitute) and part-time teachers to the Supplementary Redeployment Panel for the 2018/19 school year
November 2017
Application Form 2018/19 (pdf, 439 kb)
Application form for access to the supplementary panel for eligible fixed term/temporary (includes substitute) and part-time primary teachers for the 2018/19 school year
November 2017
DES FAQs to Circular 0068/2017 (pdf, 749 kb)
November 2017


 The Supplementary Panel is created for eligible primary teachers in fixed-term/temporary positions (including substitute teachers) and in part-time positions who meet the relevant eligibility criteria

Date of your first appointment


Minimum scale

point to be on by 31/12/2017 without need for a contract

If you are on the

scale points below by

31/12/2017 you must have a contract from at least 08

December 2017

to the end of the

2017/18 school year

Minimum gross

salary  (including allowances) earned in 2017 calendar year


Teachers whose 1st teaching appointment was prior to 1 January



















Teachers whose 1st teaching appointment was after 1 January 2011










1. Teaching Council Registration/Probation:

Fixed-term/temporary (includes substitute) and part-time teachers that:

  • hold full registration (registered without conditions) with the Teaching Council under Section 31(5) of the Teaching Council Act, 2001, Regulation 2/Primary


  • in the case of fixed term/temporary (includes substitute) and part-time teachers automatically registered in 2006 that hold registration with the Teaching Council under Section 31(2) and 31(3) of the Teaching Council Act as Primary and are fully qualified having satisfied all shortfalls, if any, identified by the Department of Education and Skills

Probation: Applicants must have successfully completed their probationary period by 8 December 2017.


Applicants must attach a copy of their Teaching Council Confirmation of Registration letter, showing the date of their full registration, to their Supplementary Panel application form. If the Teaching Council details do not state the date of full registration, applicants must submit a copy of their Statement of Competence received from the Inspectorate or Droichead Form D.