Circular 24/2024
Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma of Teacher Professional Learning for Teachers working with Students with Special Educational Needs (Autism)
March 2024

Circular 19/2024
Post-Graduate Diploma Programme of Teacher Professional Learning for Special Education Teachers, 2024/2025
March 2024

Circular 18/2024
Graduate Certificate in Autism Education for teachers working with Autistic Pupils in Special Schools, Special Classes or as Special Education Teachers in mainstream Primary and PostPrimary Schools, 2024/2025
March 2024

Circular 11/2024
Staffing Arrangements in Primary Schools for the 2024/25 school year
February 2024

Circular 02/2024
The Special Education Teacher (SET) allocation model and the calculation of the SET allocation for each school from the 2024/25 school year until further notice
February 2024

Circular 0026/2023
Recruitment of Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) – supplementary arrangements for the 2023/2024 school year
May 2023

Circular 0024/2023
Home Tuition Grant Scheme 2023/2024 – Special Education Component
June 2023

Circular 0018/2023
Special Needs Assistant Allocation 2023/2024
April 2023

The Use of Reduced School days
Guidelines for schools on recording and notification of the use of Reduced School days 
September 2021

Circular 0007/2020
Commence of certain sections of the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018 – changes to school admission processes
February 2020

Guidelines for Primary Schools – Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs
March 2017

Circular 0009/2015
Payment of Travel Expenses to GAM/EAL (Learning/Language Support) and Resource Teachers in Recognised Primary Schools
February 2015

Circular 0030/2014 
The Special Needs Assistant (SNA) scheme to support teachers in meeting the care needs of some children with special educational needs, arising from a disability
April 2014

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