Job Share/Temporary Reassignment Adverts

You now can use TeacherConnect to place an advert for the interschool job share or temporary reassignment scheme. Please note that the INTO has no role in matching or approving job share and temporary reassignment arrangements and teachers are free to use alternative sources to make their own arrangements.

Teachers are reminded that interschool job share is for teachers employed in one school who are interested in working in a different school temporarily or who are seeking a partner to join them in their own school.   TeacherConnect may not be used for the recruitment of part-time replacement teachers and schools should continue to follow the appointment procedures as per circular 44/2019 chapter 2.

Don’t forget the closing date to apply to your school for either job share or temporary reassignment is 1 February each year, as per Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 of Circular 0054/2019.

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