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Substitute Teachers

Casual/Non-Casual Substitute Teachers

There are two different types of substitute teacher:

  • Casual Substitute: A casual substitute is a teacher who has worked less than 40 days in an academic year.
  • Non-Casual Substitute: To be classified as a non-casual substitute, a teacher must work 40 days at the casual rate and on the Day 41, they will move to their own personal/incremental rate and become a non-casual substitute. A teacher will also be classified as a non-casual substitute if s/he takes up a non-casual contract e.g. a maternity/adoptive leave cover. In this case, the teacher will be paid at their own personal/incremental rate from Day 1 of their contract.


Daily Rates of Pay for Casual Substitute Teachers

Casual substitute teachers are paid a fixed rate for their first 40 days of employment in an academic year in a substitute capacity.

See below for applicable daily qualified substitute rates taken from Circular 0051/2018 and are in effect since 1 October 2018.


Pay ScaleNew Ongoing Rate from 1 October 2018Value of Statutory Annual Leave Accumulated per Day Worked from 1 October 2018Total Value of a day’s work as a substitute
Rates for Pre-1 January 2011 Entrants to Primary Teaching €187.93 €23.23 €211.16
Rates for Primary Teachers who entered teaching on or after 1 January 2011 €167.62 €20.72 €188.34


How to calculate a Non-Casual Substitute Teacher’s Personal Rate

When a teacher works more than 40 days in a school year or is engaged in a non-casual contract, s/he will be paid their own personal rate which is calculated based on their point on the incremental scale and any allowances payable.


How to calculate a substitute teacher’s personal rate:

(Point on the incremental scale + any allowance) divided by 183 with a deduction of 11% of this rate to be banked as holiday pay.


Example: If a teacher is being paid at point 5 of the post-January 2011 scale, the calculation would be as follows:

Point 5 on the post-January 2011 scale = €41,366

Total Value of Personal Rate = €41,366/183 = €226.04

Daily Rate = €201.18

11% Holiday Pay = €24.86


This teacher’s personal rate is €226.04 because they are on point 5 of the post-January 2011 incremental scale and is inclusive of 11% holiday pay.


In the teacher’s fortnightly pay cheque, s/he will see the daily rate paid. The substitute teacher will then receive their 11% holiday pay for each day worked in a lump sum payment at the end of each term.


Refer to Circular 0015/2015 for more information regarding holiday pay.


Refer also to Appointment of Substitute Teachers page for more general information on substitute teacher appointments.


Last updated: October 2018