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Temporary Teacher Exchange

A scheme to allow permanent teachers to temporarily exchange posts for educational purposes was formally introduced with effect from 1 September 1994. The terms of the scheme as outlined in Department of Education and Skills Circular 12/03, are as follows:

1.  The scheme is to facilitate temporary exchange between teachers for educational purposes.

  • The maximum period of exchange available shall be five years, however, this will be subject to the approval of the boards of management and patrons on a yearly basis.
  • An exchange may not be terminated by a teacher during a school year except by resignation from her/his permanent post. If a teacher resigns her/his post the board of management may appoint a temporary replacement for the remainder of the year.
  • A teacher may engage in one exchange arrangement spread over five years, or may wish to participate at varying intervals in separate arrangements subject to the teacher not participating for more than five years in total in exchange arrangements. 

2. Permanent teachers who have completed probation are eligible to participate in the scheme. A teacher on an approved panel may not participate in the scheme.

3. A teacher's seniority in her/his own school shall not be affected by participating in an exchange under this scheme.

4. Posts of responsibility vacated by teachers participating in teacher exchanges should be filled on a temporary basis for the duration of the exchange, in accordance with existing arrangements. The allowance and post shall revert to the original teacher on return to the school *Due to the moratorium on posts of responsibility, this no longer applies. See Circular 22/2009.

5. The board of management of the school in which the teacher is serving for the duration of the exchange, shall be deemed to be the employer. The teacher shall be required to sign a Form of Agreement with the board.

6. Procedure:

  • A teacher seeking a temporary exchange shall submit an application (download the form here) to the board of management as early as possible, but not later than 1 March. Please refer to Primary Circular 30/03 Notice with Regard to the Closing Dates for Applications for Various Schemes.
  • The application shall give an outline of the purpose of the exchange together with relevant details and an indication of the area to which the teacher wishes to transfer.
  • It shall be open to the board to interview the teacher with whom it is proposed to exchange.

7. Approval of both boards of management and of the patrons of the schools involved will be necessary before the exchange proceeds.

8. On receipt of this approval the proposal shall be submitted to the Department of Education and Skills for formal sanction. The Department should be notified not later than 1 April.

9. The refusal of a board of management to approve an exchange shall not constitute grounds for initiating the Grievance Procedure. The board's decision shall be final and the board shall not be obliged to provide reasons for same.

Applying For An Exchange
Teachers wishing to apply to their boards of management for approval for an exchange should do so on the relevant application form available from the Payments Section, Department of Education and Skills.

Each teacher wishing to participate in an exchange must find a partner with whom to exchange. Since the scheme was launched a list of teachers interested in an exchange has been compiled on an annual basis in Head Office. The purpose of the list is to facilitate teachers in making contact with potential exchange partners. (The INTO has no role in matching teachers or in approving exchanges). Details are outlined in the December issue of InTouch each year.

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