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Temporary Teacher Exchange

For comprehensive details of the terms and conditions of the Teacher Exchange Scheme, refer to DES Circular 12/2003.

Conditions of the Scheme

Applying for the Teacher Exchange Scheme

Conditions of the Scheme

The Teacher Exchange Scheme facilitates permanent or CID holding teachers who wish to temporarily exchange their posts for educational purposes.

Teacher exchanges are subject to the annual approval of both Boards of Management, and teachers are limited to participating in scheme for not more than five years in their career.

Only probated, permanent or CID holding teachers may participate in the Teacher Exchange Scheme.

Under the conditions of Circular 22/2009 the moratorium on posts will apply to temporarily vacant posts of responsibility created by teachers participating in the exchange scheme. (So at present, such posts may not be filled on an acting-up basis.)

A teacher’s seniority in their own school will be unaffected by their participation in the Teacher Exchange Scheme.

An exchange will operate from 1 September to 31 August.

The Board of Management of the school in which the teacher is working for the year shall be their employer for that year, and the teacher will sign a Form of Agreement with that Board.

If a teacher resigns after the commencement of the exchange on 1 September, their partner may remain in place until 31 August, with the vacancy filled on a fixed term basis. If a teacher who was approved for a teacher exchange resigns prior to 1 September, the exchange may not proceed, and their exchange partner must return to their own permanent post.

Applying for the Teacher Exchange Scheme

Teachers wishing to participate in an exchange must find their own prospective partners.

In the Members Area of the website, the INTO publishes an anonymised list of teachers wishing to exchange annually. Details of this list may be found in the December InTouch each year. The INTO has no role in matching teachers, beyond the publication of this list.

When a prospective partner has been identified, both teachers will make a written application to their own Boards of Management no later than 1 March.

A board may choose to interview the teacher with whom their employee wishes to exchange.

Both boards of management and the patrons of both schools must approve the exchange if it is to proceed.

If the exchange is approved, the teachers should be notified by 1 April, and the Department of Education and Skills should be notified no later than 10 April.

The board’s decision is final, and the board is not obliged to provide reasons for a refusal. The refusal of a board of management to approve an exchange shall not constitute grounds for initiating the Grievance Procedure.

If you have questions about the Teacher Exchange Scheme, the INTO QueryLine operates 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, on 01 804 7700

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