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Other Leave

Extra Personal Vacation (course days)
Where a teacher has, during the school year, attended an approved course, personal leave may be taken subject to board approval, on the basis of three days for attendance at a five day course, four days for attendance at a course or courses of ten days' duration and a maximum of five days for attendance at a course or courses of fifteen days' duration.

Where a teacher fails to attend each day of the course, entitlement to extra personal vacation will be restricted.

Personal vacation may not be taken after 30 June of the school year after attendance at the course, or courses. Personal vacation may be taken in single days, or in groups of days. Absence on personal vacation on a Friday and the following Monday would only constitute two days' leave. Personal vacation can also be used for the extension of the week's leave allowed for marriage. Where all the teachers of a school are entitled to personal vacation the school may be closed, provided it will otherwise be in operation for not less than 183 days.

The Department of Education and Skills does not provide substitute cover for teachers absent on course days, except in the case of one teacher schools. 

Voluntary Emergency Service
Teachers who are members of a voluntary emergency service are allowed paid leave of absence to participate in the operation of a voluntary emergency service. The Department will pay the cost of employing a substitute, subject to the following conditions:

  • the board of management must approve the absence;
  • evidence of membership of the appropriate rescue organisation must be supplied to the Department of Education and Skills; and
  • the Department must be satisfied that the teacher's services were essential to the search/rescue operation and that s/he actually took part in it.

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Last updated: September 2012