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For comprehensive details of the secondment scheme, refer to primary Circular 11/02

What is a secondment?

Who is eligible?



Deferring panel rights

Termination of secondment

What is a secondment?

A secondment is when a teacher is temporarily released from his/her teaching post to work with another organisation/body, doing work that is beneficial to the educational system. While on secondment the teacher’s salary continues to be paid by the Department.

Who is eligible

Permanent teachers are eligible for secondment.


The minimum period for a secondment is one school year.

The limits for secondments are as follows:

-          Five school years for secondments to outside bodies.

-          Nine school years for secondments to European schools.

-          Ten school years for secondments to Department programmes. In the case of Department programmes, a further extension may be considered if there is an urgent need. An extension is subject to Board of Management and Department approval.


Education-related posts, outside of teaching, are usually advertised in the national press. The advertisement will usually state that a secondment arrangement may be available. It is up to the interested teacher to apply for these jobs.

If a teacher is selected for one of these positions, s/he must get approval for release from the Board of Management of his/her school.

The Board of Management have the final say in whether or not to grant the teacher’s secondment request. 

The seconding organisation/body must apply in writing to the Department by 1 May each year. Full details of what the seconding body’s application should contain are available in Primary Circular 11/02

Leave of absence while on secondment

Teachers on secondment will keep their entitlement to statutory leave –e.g. maternity leave, adoptive leave, parental leave etc.

The seconding organisation/body and the teacher should agree the actual arrangement (number of days etc.) for granting of any type of leave.

The seconding organisation/body must keep a record of any sick leave taken by the teacher and forward this to the principal of the teacher’s school.

The amount of annual leave and sick leave granted to a teacher on secondment cannot exceed the limits that would apply to him/her as a teacher.

Deferring panel rights

A teacher who is due to go on the main redeployment panel can defer his/her panel rights to take up a secondment arrangement.

Termination of secondment

The Board of Management of the school can terminate a secondment at any time.

If you have questions about the secondment scheme, the INTO QueryLine operates 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, on 01 804 7700.

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