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2015 Circulars


Circular 0009/2015 (pdf, 452 kb)
Payment of Travel Expenses to GAM/EAL (Learning / Language Support) and Resource Teachers in Recognised Primary Schools.
February 2015

2014 Circulars

NCSE Circular 02/2014 (pdf, 157 kb)
Summary of Guidelines 2014/2015 - Special Schools March 2014
Circular 0007/2014 (pdf, 503 kb)
Staffing arrangements in Primary Schools for the 2014/15 school year
January 2014
Circular 0003/2014 (pdf, 644 kb)
The Graduate Certificate in the Education of Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) shall be provided by St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. January 2014
Circular 0002/2014 (pdf, 648 kb)
The Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers working with Students with Special Educational Needs (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) shall be provided by St Angela's College, Sligo in collaboration with the Special Education Support Service. January 2014
Circular 0001/2014 (pdf, 814 kb)
The Combined Post Graduate Diploma Programme of Continuing Professional Development for Teachers Involved in Learning Support and Special Education shall be available in seven Universities/Colleges of Education. January 2014

Circulars Pre 2014

Circular 0010/2013 (pdf, 392 kb)
Scheme of Grants towards the Purchase of Essential Assistive Technology Equipment for Pupils with Physical or Communicative Disabilities February 2013
NCSE Circular 04/11 (doc, 458 kb)
Amendment to NCSE Guidelines to Schools - 01/11 & 02/11
April 2011
Circular 0038/2010 (pdf, 61 kb)
Transitional staffing arrangements for special schools.
Circular 0051/2007 (doc, 34 kb)
Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs (EPSEN) Act 2004 and Disability Act 2005
June 2007
Circular 0038/2007 (doc, 42 kb)
Criteria for Enrolment in Special Classes for Pupils with Specific Speech and Language Disorder
April 2007
Circular Sp Ed 02/2005 (pdf, 216 kb)
Organisation of Teaching Resources for Pupils who need Additional Support in Mainstream Primary Schools
August 2005
Circular 0001/2005 (doc, 140 kb)
National Council for Special Education (NCSE)
January 2005
Circular SpEd 22/03 (doc, 29 kb)
Allocation of Resources for Pupils with Special Needs in Primary Schools
Circular 0024/2003 (doc, 119 kb)
Allocation of Resources for Pupils with Special Educational Needs in National Schools