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Appointment of Fixed Term Teachers

The appointment of temporary teachers shall be a matter for the Board of Management subject to the approval of the Minister.

All vacancies anticipated to be of a duration of 24 calendar weeks or more shall be advertised on at least one of the websites approved by the management bodies and shall be notified to all fixed-term teaching staff in the school, including those on leave of absence. Employers should not fill a teaching post which is for 24 calendar weeks or longer without first ensuring that:

(i)              They comply with the DES rules in regard to staffing allocation and redeployment arrangements;

(ii)             The post is not required to meet obligations to existing teachers in respect of eligibility to a CID;

(iii)            Any panel established by the employer following interviews for a post (internal panel) has expired. 

The procedures which apply to the recruitment and appointment of fixed term teachers are set out in full in Appendix D of the Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2015 - 2019

All first fixed-term contracts must be terminated at the end of the school year and if the employment is continuing for the following year, it must be automatically re-advertised by the employer and a new recruitment process undertaken for the filling of the post for the second year. Therefore, the employer must terminate the contract and cannot provide a new fixed term contract to any teacher unless it advertises and interviews first (as per DES Circular 0023/2015).

Circular 0023/2015 further sets out the eligibility requirements to being granted a contract of indefinite duration (CID) which apply from the 2015/16 school year onwards.  Fixed-term teachers are required to have a period of continuous employment of in excess of two years with the same employer.  Additionally, such teachers must be employed to cover a career break, a secondment, or in a position such as resource / EAL / Early Start.  Members who have queries regarding their entitlement to a CID should contact Head Office for advice.

Since 29th April 2016, all teachers being appointed to fixed term positions are required to obtain an NVB Vetting Disclosure prior to commencing employment (with the exception of teachers who are being re-employed on a second or subsequent fixed term contract in the same school so that there is no gap in their employment). 

All fixed term teachers must be furnished with written fixed-term contracts, in accordance with the Appointment Procedures in the Governance Manual for Primary Schools, 2015-2019. Fixed term teachers who have any reservations about signing a contract should immediately contact INTO Head Office or their local District Representative.

Information in relation to holiday pay for fixed term teachers can be found HERE.

The agreed contract forms for fixed-term appointments and contracts of indefinite duration are as follows:

DES FAQs on Contracts of Indefinite Duration (pdf, 478 kb)
Version 3, February 2019
Contract of Employment (pdf, 642 kb)
Fixed Term (Temporary) Teachers