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Minimum Requirements for Employment as a Teacher

Minimum Requirements for Employment as a Teacher

Circular 0031/2011 – Teacher Recruitment, Registration and Qualifications

Circular 0052/2013 – Procedures on Commencement of Section 30 in Recognised Schools


Extract from Circular 0052/2013:

(1.1 – 1.2) From 28 January 2014 under section 30 of the Teaching Council Act 2001 the paymaster will be prohibited by law from paying any person who is employed as a teacher in a recognised school unless he/she is registered with the Teaching Council… It is therefore essential for anyone employed as a teacher in a recognised school including those on any form of paid leave of absence to be registered and maintain registration at all times.

(4.1) Employers must ensure that all persons proposed for employment (casual and non-casual) provide evidence of current registration prior to the commencement of his/her employment.

(5.2) Salary will not be paid by the Paymaster to any teacher for any period of teaching service during which they are not registered with the Teaching Council. There will be no retrospective payment for a period during which a person is unregistered.


A teacher conditionally registered with the Teaching Council will be remunerated on the teachers’ incremental salary scale. This is conditional on continued compliance with the terms of registration within the period prescribed by the Teaching Council and this condition must be inserted in the employment contract. In the event that conditional registration lapses, then from that date the contract will be deemed terminated and this condition must also be inserted in the employment contract. 

Special Schools must recruit teachers who are registered under Regulation 2 (Primary) or 3 (Montessori & Other Categories) of the Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations except in the case of special schools which cater for pupils of post-primary age where it is sanctioned by the DES as being appropriate to appoint teachers with other qualifications. 

Where a teacher is not appropriately qualified, the contract of employment must include a condition that the contract will terminate on the recruitment of an appropriately qualified teacher or the following 31 August, whichever happens first.

In exceptional circumstances, a person who is not a registered teacher may be employed in the place of a registered teacher. This may happen only where the employer has made all reasonable efforts to appoint a registered teacher but where no registered teacher is available to take up the position. Such a person will be remunerated at the unqualified rate of pay for non-consecutive periods of no more than 5 consecutive school days (c/f Appendix A of DES Circular 0052/2013).