Death in Service / Retirement

Payment of lump sum to the estate of a teacher who dies in service.

Where a teacher dies in pensionable service, a death gratuity is payable to the teacher’s legal representative on production to the Department of Education of Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate of Will.
The gratuity will be the greater of

  • one year’s pensionable salary and allowances at the rate applicable at the date of death of the teacher, or
  • 3/80ths of the annual rate of pensionable salary multiplied by the length of pensionable service.*

* Where a teacher dies in service pensionable service is made up of actual service plus added years, similar to the calculation for disability retirement

Pension procedures which should be undertaken following the death of a teacher

As soon as is convenient, notify the Pensions Section of Department of Education, asking for a declaration of monies due to the estate by way of death gratuity, and balance of salary and allowances. Details of monies due from other sources should also be sought for inclusion in the total estate. If the teacher has made a will, an extraction of a Grant of Probate of the will should be sought, at the nearest Probate Office, or at the Central Probate Office, Four Courts, Dublin 7. If a will has not been made an extraction of a grant of Letters of Administration should similarly be sought. An extraction of a Grant of Probate, or Letters of Administration, may be obtained for a small fee, if reference to a solicitor is not desired.

Teachers may contact The Central Probate Office, First Floor, 15-24 Phoenix St North, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 X028. Tel 01 888 6174.

Everybody is strongly advised to make a will, since this would obviate inconvenience and possible dispute, leading to a sale of property and goods. It is also recommended that both husband and wife should make separate wills.

When making a will the declaration should be as simple and unambiguous as possible and should be witnessed by two persons. The will should also declare the identity of an executor, or possibly two executors. For obvious reasons, at least one executor should be younger than the person making the will.

There are District Probate Registry Offices in the following areas:
Cavan, Clonmel, Cork, Dundalk, Galway, Kilkenny, Letterkenny, Limerick, Mullingar, Sligo, Tralee, Waterford, Wexford.


Summary of Procedures to be adopted on the Death of a Teacher or Spouse of a Teacher

  1. INTO Death Grant (Paid to a member on the death of their spouse or to the estate of a member who dies).
    Request an application form from Branch Secretary or Head Office.
  1. Seek from the Department of Education:
  • Details of death gratuity and other monies due;
  • Application form for Spouse’s and Children’s Pension (if applicable);
  • Application form for children’s allowances for any eligible dependent children.
  1. Social Welfare Widows/Widowers Contributory Pension
    Claim forms are available from all Social Welfare offices.
  2. Voluntary Health Insurance
    If VHI contributions were deducted from the deceased teacher’s salary it will be necessary to contact VHI to make alternative arrangements.
  3. Income Tax
    Notify Inspector of Taxes for Public Departments.
  4. Will
    Probate will or take out Letters of Administration.


Updated  July 2023

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