Tax/PRSI on First Appointment

Tax Form 12A

A teacher taking up her/his first appointment should complete and return Tax Form 12A as soon as possible after taking up employment. This will enable the Tax Office to issue a certificate of Tax Free Credits to the Department of Education and Skills and to the teacher.

When completing the tax form quote your PPS number if known. An employee will have the same PPS number throughout her/his working career. You may already have been allocated an PPS number by the Department of Social and Family Affairs, or you may have one from a previous employment or Deed of Covenant. If you do not have an PPS number, the Tax Office will get one on your behalf from the Department of Social Welfare. This number will appear in your Tax Free Credit (TFC) certificate when issued.

Change of Status

If a substitute teacher secures temporary or permanent employment the Tax Office should be informed, as an amended Tax Free Credit certificate is required. Contacting the Tax Office immediatley will minimise the risk of being placed on ‘emergency tax’.

Tax Office

Your local tax office now deals with all PAYE queries. You can contact your local office online at or avail of the Revenue online service at