Retirement Planning

Updated March 2024

Retirement brings change.  Taking the time to consider the changes and how to handle them will help you plan and take control of your future.  The INTO endeavours to assist our members in understanding what to expect from retirement and in helping with the preparation required.

INTO Retirement Planning Seminars and Webinars are delivered by a team of experts and are specifically tailored for primary teachers who are contemplating retirement. We advise that if you are considering retirement, that you attend a seminar or webinar at least a year prior to your proposed retirement date.

Schedule of upcoming Retirement Planning Seminars/Webinars for 2023/24

Date Venue Registration
To be confirmed To be confirmed To be confirmed

INTO Retirement Planning Seminars 

Retirement Planning Seminars/Webinars are open to teachers approaching retirement and are designed to be informative, enjoyable, and engaging. Our seminars/webinars include topics under the following headings:

  • INTO Guide to Pensions
  • Introduction to the Retired Teachers’ Association
  • Income Tax
  • Wills & Inheritance
  • Preparing Psychologically for Retirement
  • Enjoying a healthy lifestyle
  • AVCs and making the most of your investments

The seminars are run over one and half days, i.e. Friday and half day Saturday and the Webinars are run over a full day i.e. 9am to 4pm.  The face-to-face seminar places will be allocated on a first-come-first-serviced basis.  Details of upcoming seminars/webinars are published in InTouch magazine and published on our social Facebook and Twitter pages on a regular basis.

Attendance at our Seminars/Webinars: –

As per DE Circular 32/07 Brief Absences, one day (only) with substitute cover is provided to attend a Retirement planning seminar or webinar.  Prior approval of the Board of Management/ETB is necessary.  Proof of attendance is required for your Board.  Email confirmation for registration is sufficient proof.  Please note this is a once only day’s leave allocated from the DE for the duration of your career.

Retirement Planning Webinar Recording (January 2024) 

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