INTO Curriculum Consultation

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is reviewing and redeveloping the primary curriculum. The Draft Primary Curriculum Framework was published in February 2020.

The INTO is conducting a consultation with members based on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework and welcome feedback from teachers on the proposed developments. Your opinions will be a key component informing the INTO’s submission to the NCCA in December 2020.

This short animation captures the background to this timely and extremely important curriculum review.

Last year’s INTO Consultative Conference on Education was based on the theme of ‘Review of the Primary Curriculum’ and led to engaging conversation about the content of a redeveloped curriculum and the hopes of teachers (and pupils) for the future of primary education, We welcomed feedback from delegates at the conference and we are now extending this important discussion to all members.

We would encourage you to take time to consider the content of the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework and complete the INTO questionnaire.

The following video summarises the key messages of the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework and highlights the key changes that are proposed. You may find this presentation below useful in completing the questionnaire.

In addition to the questionnaire, the INTO also welcome comments from members via email. Irish teachers have a quite unique role in curriculum design. The 1999 curriculum was a combined effort, developed through a partnership process involving teachers, parents, school management and the Department of Education. Primary teachers and the INTO were active participants in preparing the revised curriculum of 1999 through their participation on committees designing and preparing curriculum content. The input of teachers cannot be underestimated as their contributions are based on real-life situations and lived experiences in a school context and we must ensure that the voice of the teacher resonates in our redeveloped curriculum.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Online questionnaire

All INTO members are asked to share their view on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework by completing our online questionnaire.

Should you wish to share any additional feedback, please do so via email to

NCCA Curriculum Consultation

NCCA are also engaging with education stakeholders and have prepared a wealth of resources for schools as part of their consultation. This includes ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework, a series of online consultation workshops and information for schools on each of its key themes.

All this information can be accessed on the NCCA website.

You can also sign up for e-bulletins to receive updates on the consultation.

Still have questions?

Submit your query by email to INTO. Please include your payroll or membership number.